How many of these have you accomplished in 2018?

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 6 — The year is coming to an end and it is time to assess what we have achieved the past 11 months, whether it be a personal goal, work-related achievement or just something during your leisure time.

Unsure of how far you have come throughout this period?

We look at some of the things a fellow Malaysian might have achieved.

1. Go on a road-trip with your friends

Perfect way to clear your mind. — Pictures from Unsplash
Perfect way to clear your mind. — Pictures from Unsplash

In any given year, Malaysia — from a working calendar’s perspective — offers loads of public holidays. And 2018 was no different.

Even if you did not put them to good use, a Saturday drive to Ipoh and Penang’s favourite food spots, or a quick trip to Chiling Waterfall in Kuala Kubu Bharu is still pretty feasible.

Did you manage to squeeze in time for a road trip? If you did not, try planning something for 2019.

2. Achieve a work-related goal

Nothing like achieving a career-goal.
Nothing like achieving a career-goal.

There’s nothing quite like achieving something at work because after all, it is what that pays your bills.

A promotion or a raise could have fallen your way, but if it didn’t happen this year, do not quit.

Take some time off to assess what you have done right and recognise your shortcomings.

It should leave you with some form of satisfaction at least.

3. Make a change in your lifestyle

Tried a new hike in 2018?
Tried a new hike in 2018?

The most common thing to do on December 31 or January 1 is to create a New Year’s resolution.

Whether it is a goal to lose weight, start a proper diet, be more active in your social life, we must admit, nine out of 10 times we forget that we even created one by the time March rolls around.

With one month to go, try and think of a proper resolution and store it in your handphone or written down in a notebook and browse through it every now and then in 2019.

4. Treat yourself

Reward yourself every now and then.
Reward yourself every now and then.

Splashed out on anything fancy that you have always had an eye on?

Well, if you have fallen short, fear not.

Come up with a simple saving plan which will allow you to have enough cash to get that thing you covet in 2019.



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