How to plan the ultimate road trip

Did somebody say road trip with your girls?

Unfortunately, we live in a country with one of the highest rates of crime in the world. As we’ve seen in the last few months, women and children are most vulnerable to criminals. But that stop you from hitting the road.

There are ways to ensure that you are safe, but also that you get to do whatever it is that your heart desires, and go anywhere in the world too. Here are some things that are safety related that you should look into as you plan your trip on some of the most scenic routes our country has to offer.

1. Have a comfortable vehicle and safe vehicle lined up

Whether you are thinking of renting a safe vehicle or you have your own, have this vehicle checked. Have the breaks checked, buy new tires if you must, just make sure you are not going to find yourself stuck in the middle of the N1.

2. Somebody must know where you are, especially for road trips
If you are not dragging a friend or three with you as you hit the open road, keep a travel buddy. Someone you can call at various times during your trip to let them know where you are. Create a schedule with them. That way if they don”t get that call from you in that time, they can start checking whether something has happened to you and get you the necessary assistance should you be unable to get it yourself.

3. Plan your route before you hit the road
If you plan your trip before you leave, you’ll be able to tell which roads are under repairs, which roads have several garages for your pit stops ,where there’ll be police/traffic officers along the route and how busy it is. You’re less likely to have harm done to you if you’re on a busy route.

4. Do not pick up strangers along the way

As the old nursery tale goes, stranger-danger. Your random act of kindness could land you in a sticky position because not all the people requiring  lifts are genuinely in need. In some instances it is criminals disguised so that they can crook innocent, unsuspecting people.

5. Rest and eat well

Driving requires energy and strength. Especially long distances. You don’t want to be nodding off on the road and placing your life and those of others in danger. Get enough strength.


Source : https://www.iol.co.za/travel/how-to-plan-the-ultimate-road-trip-10579034

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