Replace your map with an app on your next road trip

Shotgun is key when wanting to take a selfie to include everyone in the car.

Shotgun is key when wanting to take a selfie to include everyone in the car.

An all-girls trip, driving into the sunset with your besties and venturing out of the city was the plan for Samantha, Alexandra, Claudia and Saskia when they hit the road to Raglan.  These days modern technology has changed the way we travel and it’s pretty clear that a successful road trip in 2017 would be nothing without your phone. The girls discovered the new BPMe app makes for a simpler journey than ever before. To make sure everyone has fun in the confines of the car – here are their rules of the road trip:


This one hasn’t changed since our parents’ heyday. First to call shotgun gets to ride in the front – as long as you’re in sight of the car when you call it. Call it too soon and you risk spending the rest of your day in the back seat constantly trying to wriggle out enough legroom. Shotgun caller also has the responsibility of being chief navigator and finding a place to fuel up, get food and use the bathroom. The BPMe app has a site finder to ‘Find a BP’ and the girls used it to fill up on fuel and snacks once they were clear of the city. Alexandra was worried they would run out of gas before they found a station but directions to their nearest site through BPMe kept things easy.

The driver calls the shots on when to take a break.
The driver calls the shots on when to take a break.


Let’s face it, when your best friend is driving their car and putting hundreds of miles on the clock the least you can do is pay for petrol. Luckily for those riding shotgun, BPMe lets you pay for fuel without giving up your prime position in the car. With your credit or debit card registered straight into the app you barely have to move.
“I had the pump ready to go before Sam even got out of the car,” Alexandra boasts. And if you are splitting the bill, in-app receipts mean that there’ll be no confusion about who owes what. The girls found this especially helpful as they could split the bill four ways making their road trip an economical way to travel.

Remember, passenger pays for the fuel.
Remember, passenger pays for the fuel.


If it’s an early morning start, coffee is essential. And whether you’re driving or not, if you’ve loaded your Wild Bean Cafe key tag into your BPMe app you’ll always be able to see how far away you are from your next free coffee. Snacks and drinks for the road are important but remember the driver decides when the next comfort stop is. Claudia filled up on a litre bottle of water and was relieved that the BPMe app showed her where the next stop was!


It’s a time-honoured tradition that whoever rides shotgun is in charge of the music. But when your sound system is Bluetooth capable it’s not unheard of to power up the sounds from the backseat. No matter who’s in charge the road trip rules are clear – keep it loud, high energy and make sure every tune’s a banger. Don’t forget, the driver always gets power of veto.

You have arrived at your destination - Raglan.
You have arrived at your destination – Raglan.


There’s no point going on a road trip if you can’t slip in a little humblebrag on social media. Again, shotgun is key, they’re the only person in the car who can take a selfie that will show everyone’s best side. The rules are simple, snap often and share liberally. The girls had a blast taking pics of their drive down and their chill out time by the water in Raglan.  And if you really want people to feel the FOMO, tag everyone who couldn’t make it. On any road trip it’s vital to get the ground rules (or road rules) clear. Who rides shotgun, what’s on the radio and who pays for gas are all important considerations, especially if you want to avoid cranky carmates.

As Samantha says, “I’ve always used my phone to stream my music in the car and now with BPMe’s in-car gas payment and site finder for directions to snacks and bathrooms, it’s almost everything I need. A definite road trip essential.”

So before you hit the road, charge up and download BPMe for the easiest road trip you’ve ever experienced. Download BPMe from iTunes and Google Play store.


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