Google Maps’ New Time Travel Bars Make Planning Road Trips Easier Than Ever

There are quite a few different apps on the Play Store for turn-by-turn navigation and mapping services, but few are quite as feature-rich as Google Maps. Maps has seen a number of new additions here and there throughout its life, and it appears that Google has now added yet another toy for us to play around with.

When you open Google Maps, find a location that you want to get directions to, and swipe up for your route info, you’ll now see a row of six bars. These bars look similar to another feature of Maps that tells you how busy a certain place is, but the data shown here represents how busy traffic conditions will be at various points throughout your day between your current location and your destination.

The colored bar indicates how long it will take to reach your destination if you leave right now, the one behind it shows how long it would have taken if you left half and hour prior, and the four bars ahead of the colored one show how long your travel time will take should you choose to leave later in the day. Above these bars is a line with a set time to give some reference to what the height of said bars actually means.

Although not a revolutionary new feature, it is nice to have and should come in handy when planning your next road trip. The feature appears to be working for users in both the United States and United Kingdom, and if you don’t see the bars showing up in Google Maps quite yet, they should be added within the next couple of days or so.


Source : https://www.xda-developers.com/google-maps-new-time-travel-bars-make-planning-road-trips-easier-than-ever/

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